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Use a Metronome – Always. You Promise?

Posted on June 17, 2014  in Around The Horn

Throughout the last few weeks as I’ve taught my private piano lessons, the most significant opportunity (considering my group of student’s as a whole) was rhythm. As painful as it might be, practicing regularly with a metronome is absolutely essential. It cured many of my own problems as a developing, professional musician. Just can’t stress how crucial this little tool is for your musical upbringings. Below is a link to an article that discusses SOME of the benefits of using a metronome. I can’t tell you how often a student’s sense of rhythm hinders their ability to continue to excel musically. Please remember that it is important to learn it slow first !!! And of course, always with the metronome! Some of the best players are the smartest “practicers” behind closed doors.  Trust me.  Use your time wisely.